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An I18N jQuery plugin.

What is it

Yet another I18N plugin for jQuery.


The documentation is in the beginning of the .js file. Here are the key features:

  • loadI18NFile(url, complete, lang) loads I18N messages from url, where url is a URL template. This template is a string that can contain {0} which is replaces by the language key.
  • getI18N(key, arg0, ...) gets a value for the defined key from the currently loaded dictionary and formats it with the arguments.
  • i18nLabel() translates every span that has a css class starting with i18n- or i18nx-. Note that this must be the only css class or strange things might happen. The rest of the css class is used as the key. For i18nx you can define a template as i18n value where the place holders ({0}, …) are filled with the child nodes that have the css class i18narg.